The Honest Men Trust (THMT) has published the results of its survey of Ayr United supporters.

THMT commissioned research agency Red Circle Communications to assist in the drafting of questions for the wide ranging survey which was launched at the start of April, prior to United’s relegation to the Second Division. Red Circle have independently analysed the feedback from over 380 fans – around a third of the Honest Men’s average home crowd – and have compiled a report which is now available, below. The findings have also been sent to the Ayr United Chairman, Directors and manager Mark Roberts.

The idea behind the survey was a positive one to identify issues concerning supporters and to see what can be done to entice them back to Somerset Park, after over 10,000 fans followed the team to Hampden Park in January.

THMT believe the supporters are the lifeblood of any football club but too often no-one will listen to what they have to say. We are keen to see as many supporters as possible turn up and back Ayr United and we are sure the manager and players themselves would appreciate that immensely. This survey has given supporters a chance to have their say.

Chairman Lachlan Cameron has responded to the survey to thank the Trust for their efforts and to confirm the results have been noted by the Somerset Park hierarchy but has chosen not to comment specifically on its findings.

The survey was completed by United diehards as well as those who attend less often, for a variety of reasons. Around two thirds of the survey respondents have supported the club for over 20 years and over half attend 16 games or more a season. The survey found that 70% of fans attend the same number or more games now than in the last couple of seasons.

While there was encouraging news on attendances, less positive was that less than one in five Ayr fans who completed the survey said they felt valued as a supporter by the club.

It is encouraging that Ayr fans continue to back their team but we need to make sure as many of those who now go less often, or have stopped going altogether, turn up at Somerset Park more regularly. Through the survey, supporters have said they would like the club to do more to recognise their loyalty and support, and for better communication. Hopefully, taking account of the survey, the club can improve relations with supporters the coming months and there will be a positive impact on attendances.

Ayr United Fan Survey - June 2012 (1134)

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